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Midwest Division Commandants

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National Website

Link to Marine Corps League National Headquarters

National Library

Link to Marine Corps League Library
National has created a library to make it easier for us to find the information we need to do our Job.
The menu is organized into several easy to follow catagories

Detachment Bylaw Template

Link to Detachment Bylaw Template
As we all know National has been rewriting our National Bylaws and Administrative Procudures. As a result most of us will also have to rewrite our Detachment Bylaws to be complient with National. They have provided us with a template to follow. Your bylaws do not have to exactly the same as template but it is a guide to follow.

Paymaster Guide

Commandant Harris and the Department of Kansas has developed a guide for our paymasters;
Link to Paymaster Guide

Red Blazer

Link to JC Penney Red Blazer
National will no longer be selling the Red Blazer in the Ships Store. The company we were getting them from is going out of business. There are still a few in stock but when they run out there will be no more from the store. JC Penney has a red blazer that is very close to the orginal Blazer we had. You will have to change the buttons to Marine Corps League buttons which can be purchased from our Ships Store. The link above is to information on the Blazer from the JC Penney website. The Blazer normally sells for around $200 but can be bought on sale for much less.
Link to JCPenney.com

Officer Job Descriptions

The Department of Kansas has developed a very good guide for our Marine Corps League Officers
I believe this guide will work for all Levels from Detachment all the way to National.
Midwest Division Officer Job Description

2019 Honor Guard Policy and Procedures

At the National Convention the National Board of Trustees revoked the January 2019 National Funeral Guard Standard Operating Procuders and voted in a new Honor Guard Policy and Procedures.
Link to Honor Guard Policy and Proedures

Midwest Division Newsletter

National Vice Commandant Harris is going to provide a Quarterly Newsletter to keep the Division up to date on events that are happening around the Division. If your Department or Detachment is having an event please inform Division Commandant Harris early so he will be able to include the event in his Quarterly News Letter.
Link to first MWD Newsletter 08-15-2016
Link to Midwest 2016 Fall Conference Report
Link to Midwesr Newsletter 12-19-2016
Link to 2017 MWD Midwinter update
Link to 2018 MWD Midwinter Report

2018 National Convention Reports

The reports from our 2018 National Convention held in Buffalo, New York can be read at this link
2018 Marine Corps League National Convention Reports.

Guide to Hosting A Division Conference

Midwest Division Administrative Procedures for hosting a Division Conference
Midwest Division Protocol for hosting a Division Conference

Midwest 2019 Fall Conference

The Midwest 2019 Fall Conference will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota
September 27-28,2019
Hosted by Department of Minnesota in Bloomington, Minnesota
Crowne Plaza Aire
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, Minnesota 55425
Room Rate will be $119.00 for a King or two Double Beds - King Suite is $149 a night, all are nonsmoking
Hotel phone - 952-854-9000 or 1-800-227-6963 be sure to ask for Marine Corps League (Midwest Division Conference) block
DO NOT BOOK an advance deposit reservstion.These reservations cannot have changer made to them, you will not be able to get the negotiated rate.

Banquet $40.00
Hospitality $20.00
Marine Corps League Registration Fee $5.00
(Auxiliary or Guest don't pay League Registration Fee)

Make Checks payable to North Star Det. #943
4325 Wooddale Ave. South
Minneapolis, Mn 55424-1060
Please submit paid registration form before September 10, 2019

Link to 2019 Fall Conference Registration form and flyer

Contact Information:
Chan Zhuber
4325 Wooddale Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55424-1060


Deadlines for Midwest Division Fall Conference.
Hotel reservations need to be made by September 6, 2019, to receive the discounted room rate. If you plan to attend the banquet, registration needs to be received by September 11, 2019. You can register on the day of the event, but you will not be able to get a meal for the banquet.
Guest speaker will be Larry Nicholson (USMC Retired).

Commandant Anderson spoke with the Crowne Plaza today. There are plenty of rooms left, as of May 6, 2019 there only three booked . All rooms had King sized beds for the blocked rooms. I had Crowne Plaza take away 5 king rooms and replace them with two beds in a room, one of which is already booked. If you have made reservations, and booked a room with two beds, please let me know, I will get your room rate corrected. Remember to ask for the Marine Corps League block when making reservations. DO NOT BOOK an advance deposit reservation, these reservations cannot have changes made to them, you will not be able to get the negotiated rate.